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SyrinxOS Debussy 0.4.0 ALPHA Squeeze released

After a brief hiatus I’ve released the next version of SyrinxOS Debussy. It’s still ALPHA, but it’s actually very stable, due to its Debian Squeeze roots. You can get ISOs here:

This release moves away from Gnome in a big way. It uses Openbox as a window manager, and SLiM as a login manager. Gone are gedit and gnome-terminal, replaced by geany and terminator. Similarly, nautilus has been replaced by thunar. There is no longer a desktop manager of any sort, and so far I haven’t missed it one bit.

This release is the result of wanting to regain control over my distribution, and freeing myself from Gnome’s desktop. I don’t like the direction that Gnome has taken with Gnome 3, and I also dislike Ubuntu’s Unity. Both seem to have gone towards removing the freedom to modify one’s system. I understand they are trying to attract less technical users, but I’m definitely not in their target audience.

That brings me to the target audience of SyrinxOS. This is a system aimed at technically-oriented people, much like Crunchbang. But I’ve gone a step further: There is no pre-installed software like The Gimp, or Pidgin. I want those choices left up to you. You get to use Synaptic (or apt) to install whatever you like, or to choose not to install software you’ll never use.

This is a distribution stripped down as far as I think it can go. At the same time, major focus has been put on aesthetics; this is a really nice-looking distribution. The font rendering has been tweaked until it’s better than any other OS except for perhaps Ubuntu and its descendants, where it is their equal.

I’ve created this almost entirely from scratch. Some will see similarities to Crunchbang, and rightly so. I am currently using the Statler theme (before the recent change to a grey theme). It is a beautiful, simple theme, so it fits with my philosophy for a distribution. I may tweak the theme over time, but it won’t drastically change. I also might decide to go with something completely different, but it will remain as simple as possible.

I also use tint2, but it is themed somewhat differently than Crunchbang. I currently use two packages from the Crunchbang repositories: viewnior and volumeicon. I’ll be finding other sources for those two packages, or if I can’t source them, I’ll create my own .deb files.

So there you have it! I’ll have screenshots up soon so you can window-shop before spending bandwidth on downloading. If you do try it out, please tell me what you think. Feedback on this stuff is very important.

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