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SyrinxOS Debussy 0.4.2 ALPHA Squeeze released

Yes, I know. It doesn’t seem possible, but here it is anyway. I’ve just released SyrinxOS 0.4.2 ALPHA. This is a direct result of my running SyrinxOS full-time now. I’m finding things that need changing or that don’t quite look right, and I just have to fix them. You can get the new ISOs here:

The full details are in the change log, but I’ll go over a couple of the larger changes here. The biggest change is the switch from slock to i3lock as a screen locker. I wasn’t happy with the feel of slock: It blanked the screen and gave no indication it was working. Not only that, but there seemed to be a variable delay after typing your password until the screen returned to normal. Now, i3lock isn’t a huge leap forward but to me it feels better. You still don’t get an indication of password entry, but it responds immediately once you hit enter. Also, you can set an image to be displayed when the screen is locked. This clearly indicates that i3lock is active.

I also added another XFCE utility: xfce4-screenshooter. It provides a simple GUI for taking screenshots, and is much simpler to use than scrot.

This will be the last release for a while, so you can confidently install this and know that it won’t be made obsolete quickly. For the next while, the changes I want to make are mainly behind the scenes. I’ll be cleaning up the packaging used with the live build tool. This won’t affect SyrinxOS itself except where I include newer versions of some utilities. For example, I want to use a newer version of tint2, so I’ll have to either find it in Debian Squeeze backports, or compile the newer version and create my own package.

So enjoy! I hope to hear from anyone who installs it on a real or virtual machine. Personally, I love it, but I may be biased. :)

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