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SyrinxOS Debussy 2012-04-24 Wheezy released

I’ve finally been able to produce a Debian Wheezy version of SyrinxOS. It took a long time due to a bug in the Debian live-build system that only I seemed to be experiencing. Here are the links to sparkling new ISOs, for the impatient amongst us:

There have been a few changes in the software installed, partly due to moving to Wheezy and partly as part of a continuing move away from Gnome. In Wheezy, Gnome’s File Roller started pulling in a lot more dependencies, including Nautilus and Brasero. These are fine applications if you choose to install them, but one of the points of SyrinxOS is that you get to decide these things. As a result, I’ve switched away from File Roller to use XFCE’s Squeeze (no, not the Debian distribution). I’ll see how that feels, but it seems like the right thing to do.

In Wheezy, many applications have switched to GTK3, complete with an entirely new theming system. I’m using Philip Newborough’s Statler theme for SyrinxOS, which has no official GTK3 support. A CrunchBang user named Tunafish has created one in the meantime. I’ve incorporated it into SyrinxOS Wheezy, but it’s not quite complete. Over the next while I’ll be fiddling with the GTK3 Statler theme to bring it more into line with the GTK2 version.

Gnome’s Evince PDF viewer is one of the applications that has switched to GTK3. As a result I’ve switched away from evince to ePDFView, which also helps in my effort to move away from Gnome.

With this release I’ve also switched from using Viewnior to Mirage. Viewnior is an excellent image viewer, but it has no package in the Debian repositories. Mirage does, and it’s actually more “featureful” than Viewnior, with image rotating, zooming, flipping, resizing, and cropping, to name a few examples.

There is one known issue with this release: Synaptic won’t run in the live environment, but works perfectly in an installed system. I’m currently looking into why this is the case, but I didn’t think this should stop me from releasing new wheezy ISOs. A fix will be in a subsequent release.

I hope you enjoy the SyrinxOS Wheezy release! I’ll be switching to it on my laptop in the next little while. I’ll probably find some things to fix pretty quickly! As always, your comments or criticisms are welcome.

If you want to discuss SyrinxOS, I have some forums set up just for that purpose. See you over there!

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